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Save Time & Money! Our licensed pharmacy staff can provide customized, pre-loaded patch test panels for as low as $30 per panel*!

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*pricing is based on platinum level subscription with T.R.U.E. TEST or allergEAZE allergen user discount.

Welcome to the SmartPractice Allergen Bank!

The SmartPractice Allergen Bank is a licensed pharmacy providing customized patch test panels on a patient-specific prescription. This service allows you to easily expand your patch testing without the investment in additional training and materials and allows you to provide more patients the diagnosis they deserve! Our allergen bank pharmacy offers access to over 800 high-quality, commercially available allergens. Our staff can also compound rare or custom allergens. So, whether you’re looking to round out your baseline screening, or require a single panel with specific allergens, we can help you!

SmartPractice Allergen Bank, L.L.C. is not a chartered bank or trust company, or depository institution. SmartPractice Allergen Bank, L.L.C. is not authorized to accept deposits or trust accounts and is not licensed or regulated by any state or federal banking authority. In the states of AK, CA, DE, MT, NJ and WA, SmartPractice Allergen Bank, L.L.C. transacts business as SmartPractice Allergen Pharmacy L.L.C.

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How To Get Started.

Step 1: Join the SmartPractice Allergen Bank.

Determine whether you want a subscription (# of panels you’ll use per year, lowest pricing per panel) or pay as you go, non-subscription option (no commitment, no defined number of panels). Your selection should be based on the number of patients you think you’ll see for expanded testing. Once you decide which way to proceed, you’ll set-up your account and will be ready to create your prescription panels.

Step 2: Write a Prescription on a Named-Patient Basis.

You will write a prescription for the allergens you wish to include on the patch test panels. You can select baseline series, categories, groupings or individual allergens – whatever you need to test that patient! Print, sign and fax the prescription to us and we’ll get started on fulfilling your order!

Our staff will load the prescribed allergens onto the panels, label and map the allergens, and place loaded panels in our patchTransport for safe shipping. The loaded panels ship via UPS 2-day air (already included in the price) and will arrive at your office on the date you requested. Please note: Liquid and volatile allergens are sent in a syringe to dispense onto the panels immediately prior to patient application.

Step 3: Receive Panels & Apply to Patient.

Refrigerate panels upon receipt and apply them to the patient within 1 week.

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